Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My problem with GOD

Here's the thing and I've been thinking this one out for a bit.  For one I didn't want to come off as some dumb person just saying God isn't real.  Two I wanted to make sure that what I was going to say was going to come off how I felt it needed to.  My problem with God is why does he require us to ask for forgiveness from him but expect us to forgive those that wronged us.  Is this not a two way street?  Should he not freely forgive me regardless of my transgression.  Shouldn't my sins be forgiven and forgotten withbout any input from me.  I think so thus one problem I have with the guy upstairs. After this I have a problem with his whole give and take system.  One why is it he seems to punish those that make some effort while the ones that do nothing at all get nothing at all.  For instance one set of parents lose a child due to a serious problem while a crack whore down the street flat backs it one more time for another hit while her neglected 3 yr old sits in the other room crying and starving for attention.  What the hell is that all about.  Great make an example.  Punish the worthy give the worthless all they ask for.  I asked a pastor one time and his answer was that the worthless get earthly rewards while the faithful get theirs in heaven.  Great gifts I can't use til I'm dead.  Which is a segway into my last rant.  What is the point of heaven and hell.  My thoughts have led me to this side of the tracks.  Heaven iks supposed to be a reward for living your life according to his rules yet in heaven I have come to the understanding we will be worshipping god constantly wow what a reward yeah I worshipped you to get here now I gotta worship constantly. Jeez a little self centered aren't we.  Also with hell being a punishment I am going to be dead.  I am under the impression that pain and pleasure are just chemical reactions or signals from the brain, correct me if I am wrong but the brain dies when you are dead right. So along with said death goes pain and pleasure so hell should not have an affect on me. Keyword is should I have not died and went to either yet so I am not certain just using the information I have here.  Later I am off to be my wicked self again.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What the fuck happened to ENGLISH.

Why is it that so many people have apparently forgotten the basic spoken language often referred to as English.  I was attempting to sell a product on Craigslist the other day and was bombarded by text messages asking how far I would travel to sell the item.  The problem was they didn't use a known spelling of half the words they sent.  The text went a little something like this. "Wats the farthest ur willing 2 meet.. im n the qc."  I have no fucking clue what they are saying. I am assuming they are saying What is the farthest you are willing to meet... Im in the Queen City.  No clue though.  I see this kind of shit on Facebook and all over the web.  no wonder all these other countries are doing so much better than us.  Look at what we have become. A bunch of fuck-tards that cant seem to spell simple things.  I mean how much time do you really save by typing in wats instead of Whats.  two fucking micro seconds maybe.  I mean Jesus Christ most sites including this one have the fucking red line under misspelled words that tell you its wrong.  USE IT.  If you are going to be a retard when it comes to spelling at least be dumb enough to pay attention to the built in dictionary/thesaurus that most typing apps/programs use.  My cell even has text prediction that pops up with possible words I am trying to spell.  LEARN TO SPELL CHECK PEOPLE.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I swear I'm not the devil.

I have almost come to the conclusion that I have lost all faith in religion in general. Here recently I have found myself reading books based on religous beliefs.  The few books I have read include a book titled jesus for the non religious.  This book goes into detail about how jesus may have been a real person but not a god.  Instead it points out how that in the time of the bible grammar wasn't what we see today so that when they tried to describe the acts of jesus they come off a little more than what they were.  It also points out how a lot of the new testament was written at least a decade after the crucifixion of jesus.  They didn't really have historians in the sense that we have so a lot of the bible is just one guys memory of what happened and we all know how memories go.  The other points are that a lot of the bible is just repeats of things they read from what we refer to as the old testament.  Another book which I suggest for everyone to read being Corey Taylor's "Seven Deadly Sins". This book goes into how all the deadly sins are utter bullshit and are actually what push us to be the people we ar today.  For instance we all think of glutney as over eating or glutens for punishment when in actuallity we arfe all glutens for everything from money to fame. We crave the attention. So after reading this book I realized wow religions just set us up to fucking fail every day .  The last book that I am reading now would be the satanic bible.  Now I know what you are thinking and no its not devil worship.  Its about accepting that you are human just a bigger sometimes better animal and that as such we have carnal needs and wants and why should we not try to fulfill those said ants and needs if they aren't hurting anyone else.  Do what you want livelife to the fullest fuck everyone else looking down on you from their high horse and just fucking be that's what I plan on doing if I die tomorrow I want to go down in a blaze of I did it instead of a stack of wish I would haves. That's all I got for now. Later.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A letter to my kids.

Despite what i have and will do in life there is at least two things I have done right in life, my kids. This is my, I suppose letter to them. Aiden Jacoby and Zoe Jane.
I want you to know this much I know you cant read the day I am writing this but someday you will be able to. No matter what happens in life know that there will always be at least two people who love you. Despite what others may say they will always be there by your side no matter what when you are down we will be there to pick you up and dust you off, we may even travel the road with you a bit to keep you company. Or we'll be there to hoist you high up to a level normally thought to be unattainable or just to let your light shine brightly above the crowd. There are gonna be times when you may feel shame for who you are or who we are but dont fret no one on earth is better than you at being you so just do that. Be a higher class citizen except everyone for who they are and dont look at who they arent. Give when you can and youll reap the same when you are in need. Brush people that hate on you or your choices to the side move on and forget about em they arent worth your worry. Dont be afraid to give yourself away to someone else they may hurt you but life isnt going to end because of it. Last but not least Never say someone is out of your league let them decide that dont do it for them. Love you . Love dad. P.s. Mom too but she doesnt have a blog.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Letter To The Past

Every now and then a friend of mine will mention something they did in the past. When they mention it sometimes it’s in pride and others it’s with regret and this makes me wonder. If you could write yourself a letter to you in the past would you do it? I know I would do it. I would place this letter in a place I would definitely find it, then I would go into great detail so much so that it might not be a letter more so a book to myself for help along the way in those hard times when you feel like you aren’t going to pull through the day. I would tell myself how that girl I dated that one time that broke my heart and made me rethink the whole love situation was just that a girl that was meant for the past. I would tell myself not to let it hold me back from trying stuff. Don’t let it keep you from experiencing some of the would be best times of your life. Go out with friends, date people like there is no tomorrow in sight. I would tell myself not to pick lottery numbers causes riches only bring you so much in life, instead I would tell myself to invest in me. Tell myself to do the things I love to do. Try everything at least once and fall on my ass at least twice just so I would keep things in perspective, when I got too big for my britches so to speak. I would make sure that I understood that no matter what pain I suffered there are others out there that haven’t had the chance to experience the pain I have cause of their life situation. More so I would try to make myself understand that though sometimes it’s hard to be yourself in stupid situations do it fuck your friends that put you into situations you shouldn’t be in if they let you fall if they stand by you and fall with you they are true to the core. You might say or do something stupid to those friends along the way but chances are you will find a way to work through it. Do a lot of kissing. The main reason for this is damn it feels good to have someone else’s lips press into yours doesn’t it. Never live by the codes bros before hoes or chicks before dicks because if they are true bros/chicks they will accept your girl/guy for whom they are and not call them a hoe/dick unless it’s out of fun or ribbing you. Besides a bro/chick isn’t going to cuddle with you on those cold nights when all that lights your way is her/his love. More importantly, go out with a bang. Don’t take no for an answer. Try it all live today for today fuck tomorrow cause it may never get here. Love and live your life like you are dying cause well let’s face it we all are and life’s to short to take so fucking serious all the time. Believe in something more than human because otherwise you are just conceited and nobody likes that. Worship your own god whether it be the Christian god or some other god but believe it gives life meaning besides living and dying. Don’t think anyone is out of your league before you try them out; make them make that choice after you had your fun with them. Try not to hold grudges but don’t let someone walk all over you too. Doormats are trashed everyday and are often easily replaced. Be more like a splinter dig in deep hurt a little then with some pushing either fade away or become a permanent scar that they always forget. Be the one that they long for but can’t have but treat the one you got like they are the last thing on earth keeping you alive because when they stick through thick and thin they are worth more than anything in life at all. Have children they irritate the crap out of you all the time but it’s so worth it in the end cause unlike a puppy that some will say get instead they talk back and barking will never ever beat I love you dada and god knows it will never even half amount to a kiss and hug just because you are there when they needed you or wanted you to be. Forgive and move on, but learn from mistakes and choices you make. Tell your friend’s thanks for being there even when they weren’t because surely something came up that kept them away and you know you’ve let them down at least once too. That is my thought like it love it hate it or eat it I don’t care its how I think and it is me. Later

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Charity - When is enough enough?

Why is it that people seem to never be happy with the help they get? Why is it that when you help one person in need every other person in needs starts knocking? I am tired of the situation stated above. It seems like every time you offer help to one person you know or a person in general you wind up helping all of those in need. I have friends and family that have helped a family member in need, now every other day or so they receive another phone call from someone else that needs or wants money from him. It never ends. When I started working at my current job they were taking up money for a guy that had an illness that was bad, I helped him out no big deal. Two weeks later on pay day they are taking more money up for him. Every time we would turn around they would be taking more money up for him, now don’t get me wrong if he was in a position that he couldn’t work then it wouldn’t be such a bad deal however the guy was working too. I remember they asked for money for a bake sale they were having then they wanted us to buy back the baked goods we had just paid for the next day. What the hell is that, you want me to buy a cupcake that I paid for the cake mix that’s BS. Is it a rule that says that if I have a job that pays my bills and gives my family a little extra I have to help someone else? What makes them worthy of my charity? What makes people think that because you helped one you can either afford to help another or that you are going to help another. Where is the line drawn when it comes to charity? Who is to say who gets what and how much is the limit? Why do people look down on the ones that give what and when they can but not when they can’t or don’t have the means to?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God and How People Use Him

I have been thinking lately about how people go to God for certain things. I started thinking about this after reading many of my friends one liners on Face Book. Apparently, most of my friends are either super religious or they are super dependent on thinking something greater than they are going to save their asses every time they get into a situation. I thought God gave us a brain to use the damned thing. Every time you get into a sticky situation some religious person says go with God he’ll tell you what to do. Why not just go with my gut instinct or my conscience, I mean that’s what it is there for right. Is God going to literally tell me in my ear don’t eat the black licorice its bad mojo or are my own thoughts going to lead me to that conclusion. I also think God sometimes sets one out like a tired sports athlete and says let the other guy handle it this time around. The other guy is one’s self. How come people seem to think that their problems are going to be fixed by getting religion? Why is it when someone is having trouble or needs something religion and church are the answer? Also why is it that everyone always thanks God for the good stuff that happens to them but never for the bad stuff if they think that he is in such good control shouldn’t they thank him for that too. Like God I love my dog but thank you for taking him away I know there is a better plan than for me to have my dog maybe I should get a cat or fish. Why doesn’t anyone thank God for the death of a loved one I mean technically that is God’s plan too?