Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My problem with GOD

Here's the thing and I've been thinking this one out for a bit.  For one I didn't want to come off as some dumb person just saying God isn't real.  Two I wanted to make sure that what I was going to say was going to come off how I felt it needed to.  My problem with God is why does he require us to ask for forgiveness from him but expect us to forgive those that wronged us.  Is this not a two way street?  Should he not freely forgive me regardless of my transgression.  Shouldn't my sins be forgiven and forgotten withbout any input from me.  I think so thus one problem I have with the guy upstairs. After this I have a problem with his whole give and take system.  One why is it he seems to punish those that make some effort while the ones that do nothing at all get nothing at all.  For instance one set of parents lose a child due to a serious problem while a crack whore down the street flat backs it one more time for another hit while her neglected 3 yr old sits in the other room crying and starving for attention.  What the hell is that all about.  Great make an example.  Punish the worthy give the worthless all they ask for.  I asked a pastor one time and his answer was that the worthless get earthly rewards while the faithful get theirs in heaven.  Great gifts I can't use til I'm dead.  Which is a segway into my last rant.  What is the point of heaven and hell.  My thoughts have led me to this side of the tracks.  Heaven iks supposed to be a reward for living your life according to his rules yet in heaven I have come to the understanding we will be worshipping god constantly wow what a reward yeah I worshipped you to get here now I gotta worship constantly. Jeez a little self centered aren't we.  Also with hell being a punishment I am going to be dead.  I am under the impression that pain and pleasure are just chemical reactions or signals from the brain, correct me if I am wrong but the brain dies when you are dead right. So along with said death goes pain and pleasure so hell should not have an affect on me. Keyword is should I have not died and went to either yet so I am not certain just using the information I have here.  Later I am off to be my wicked self again.

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