Monday, September 19, 2011

What the fuck happened to ENGLISH.

Why is it that so many people have apparently forgotten the basic spoken language often referred to as English.  I was attempting to sell a product on Craigslist the other day and was bombarded by text messages asking how far I would travel to sell the item.  The problem was they didn't use a known spelling of half the words they sent.  The text went a little something like this. "Wats the farthest ur willing 2 meet.. im n the qc."  I have no fucking clue what they are saying. I am assuming they are saying What is the farthest you are willing to meet... Im in the Queen City.  No clue though.  I see this kind of shit on Facebook and all over the web.  no wonder all these other countries are doing so much better than us.  Look at what we have become. A bunch of fuck-tards that cant seem to spell simple things.  I mean how much time do you really save by typing in wats instead of Whats.  two fucking micro seconds maybe.  I mean Jesus Christ most sites including this one have the fucking red line under misspelled words that tell you its wrong.  USE IT.  If you are going to be a retard when it comes to spelling at least be dumb enough to pay attention to the built in dictionary/thesaurus that most typing apps/programs use.  My cell even has text prediction that pops up with possible words I am trying to spell.  LEARN TO SPELL CHECK PEOPLE.

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