Thursday, October 8, 2009

Charity - When is enough enough?

Why is it that people seem to never be happy with the help they get? Why is it that when you help one person in need every other person in needs starts knocking? I am tired of the situation stated above. It seems like every time you offer help to one person you know or a person in general you wind up helping all of those in need. I have friends and family that have helped a family member in need, now every other day or so they receive another phone call from someone else that needs or wants money from him. It never ends. When I started working at my current job they were taking up money for a guy that had an illness that was bad, I helped him out no big deal. Two weeks later on pay day they are taking more money up for him. Every time we would turn around they would be taking more money up for him, now don’t get me wrong if he was in a position that he couldn’t work then it wouldn’t be such a bad deal however the guy was working too. I remember they asked for money for a bake sale they were having then they wanted us to buy back the baked goods we had just paid for the next day. What the hell is that, you want me to buy a cupcake that I paid for the cake mix that’s BS. Is it a rule that says that if I have a job that pays my bills and gives my family a little extra I have to help someone else? What makes them worthy of my charity? What makes people think that because you helped one you can either afford to help another or that you are going to help another. Where is the line drawn when it comes to charity? Who is to say who gets what and how much is the limit? Why do people look down on the ones that give what and when they can but not when they can’t or don’t have the means to?

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