Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God and How People Use Him

I have been thinking lately about how people go to God for certain things. I started thinking about this after reading many of my friends one liners on Face Book. Apparently, most of my friends are either super religious or they are super dependent on thinking something greater than they are going to save their asses every time they get into a situation. I thought God gave us a brain to use the damned thing. Every time you get into a sticky situation some religious person says go with God he’ll tell you what to do. Why not just go with my gut instinct or my conscience, I mean that’s what it is there for right. Is God going to literally tell me in my ear don’t eat the black licorice its bad mojo or are my own thoughts going to lead me to that conclusion. I also think God sometimes sets one out like a tired sports athlete and says let the other guy handle it this time around. The other guy is one’s self. How come people seem to think that their problems are going to be fixed by getting religion? Why is it when someone is having trouble or needs something religion and church are the answer? Also why is it that everyone always thanks God for the good stuff that happens to them but never for the bad stuff if they think that he is in such good control shouldn’t they thank him for that too. Like God I love my dog but thank you for taking him away I know there is a better plan than for me to have my dog maybe I should get a cat or fish. Why doesn’t anyone thank God for the death of a loved one I mean technically that is God’s plan too?

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