Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Letter To The Past

Every now and then a friend of mine will mention something they did in the past. When they mention it sometimes it’s in pride and others it’s with regret and this makes me wonder. If you could write yourself a letter to you in the past would you do it? I know I would do it. I would place this letter in a place I would definitely find it, then I would go into great detail so much so that it might not be a letter more so a book to myself for help along the way in those hard times when you feel like you aren’t going to pull through the day. I would tell myself how that girl I dated that one time that broke my heart and made me rethink the whole love situation was just that a girl that was meant for the past. I would tell myself not to let it hold me back from trying stuff. Don’t let it keep you from experiencing some of the would be best times of your life. Go out with friends, date people like there is no tomorrow in sight. I would tell myself not to pick lottery numbers causes riches only bring you so much in life, instead I would tell myself to invest in me. Tell myself to do the things I love to do. Try everything at least once and fall on my ass at least twice just so I would keep things in perspective, when I got too big for my britches so to speak. I would make sure that I understood that no matter what pain I suffered there are others out there that haven’t had the chance to experience the pain I have cause of their life situation. More so I would try to make myself understand that though sometimes it’s hard to be yourself in stupid situations do it fuck your friends that put you into situations you shouldn’t be in if they let you fall if they stand by you and fall with you they are true to the core. You might say or do something stupid to those friends along the way but chances are you will find a way to work through it. Do a lot of kissing. The main reason for this is damn it feels good to have someone else’s lips press into yours doesn’t it. Never live by the codes bros before hoes or chicks before dicks because if they are true bros/chicks they will accept your girl/guy for whom they are and not call them a hoe/dick unless it’s out of fun or ribbing you. Besides a bro/chick isn’t going to cuddle with you on those cold nights when all that lights your way is her/his love. More importantly, go out with a bang. Don’t take no for an answer. Try it all live today for today fuck tomorrow cause it may never get here. Love and live your life like you are dying cause well let’s face it we all are and life’s to short to take so fucking serious all the time. Believe in something more than human because otherwise you are just conceited and nobody likes that. Worship your own god whether it be the Christian god or some other god but believe it gives life meaning besides living and dying. Don’t think anyone is out of your league before you try them out; make them make that choice after you had your fun with them. Try not to hold grudges but don’t let someone walk all over you too. Doormats are trashed everyday and are often easily replaced. Be more like a splinter dig in deep hurt a little then with some pushing either fade away or become a permanent scar that they always forget. Be the one that they long for but can’t have but treat the one you got like they are the last thing on earth keeping you alive because when they stick through thick and thin they are worth more than anything in life at all. Have children they irritate the crap out of you all the time but it’s so worth it in the end cause unlike a puppy that some will say get instead they talk back and barking will never ever beat I love you dada and god knows it will never even half amount to a kiss and hug just because you are there when they needed you or wanted you to be. Forgive and move on, but learn from mistakes and choices you make. Tell your friend’s thanks for being there even when they weren’t because surely something came up that kept them away and you know you’ve let them down at least once too. That is my thought like it love it hate it or eat it I don’t care its how I think and it is me. Later

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