Monday, July 26, 2010

A letter to my kids.

Despite what i have and will do in life there is at least two things I have done right in life, my kids. This is my, I suppose letter to them. Aiden Jacoby and Zoe Jane.
I want you to know this much I know you cant read the day I am writing this but someday you will be able to. No matter what happens in life know that there will always be at least two people who love you. Despite what others may say they will always be there by your side no matter what when you are down we will be there to pick you up and dust you off, we may even travel the road with you a bit to keep you company. Or we'll be there to hoist you high up to a level normally thought to be unattainable or just to let your light shine brightly above the crowd. There are gonna be times when you may feel shame for who you are or who we are but dont fret no one on earth is better than you at being you so just do that. Be a higher class citizen except everyone for who they are and dont look at who they arent. Give when you can and youll reap the same when you are in need. Brush people that hate on you or your choices to the side move on and forget about em they arent worth your worry. Dont be afraid to give yourself away to someone else they may hurt you but life isnt going to end because of it. Last but not least Never say someone is out of your league let them decide that dont do it for them. Love you . Love dad. P.s. Mom too but she doesnt have a blog.

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